Infectious Diseases & Vaccines

The Infectious Diseases and Vaccines (IDV) Therapeutic Area, led by Dr Johan van Hoof, is dedicated to bring transformational solutions both in the area of prevention and treatment of respiratory infections such as influenza and RSV, hepatitis, HIV, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases. Through our research and development programs in vaccines and treatments, we are contributing to much-needed positive changes, because these diseases continue to claim and limit lives around the world.

The Silent Pandemic: Tackling Hepatitis C with Policy Innovation

Governments across the world will have to face up to the challenges posed by the hepatitis C (HCV) pandemic or experience spiralling healthcare costs, says the Economist Intelligence Unit in its report The silent pandemic: Tackling hepatitis C with policy innovation.

The report, made possible as a result of an educational grant from Janssen, challenges countries to use co-ordinated strategies to tackle HCV but warns that this will not be easy because few countries understand the magnitude of the disease.

The report concludes that countries need to improve the data they have in order to introduce a comprehensive approach to tackling HCV. This will include raising awareness about the disease, taking preventative measures, especially within health services, and making a real effort to reach vulnerable patient groups with available treatments before end-stage conditions develop.

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